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We honor the service of our military personnel and first responders.

R Coffee Corner offers our military personnel and first responders 10% discount on all food and beverages.

Our Menu


Breakfast Croissant$4.95

Ham and Cheese
Bacon Egg & Cheese

Premium Oatmeal$3.50

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Bagel$4.95



Better Morning
Zucchini Nut
Chocolate Raspberry


Tray of 3


Cinnamon Chip
Cheese Chive

Cheese Danish$4.25

Cinnamon Bun$4.75

European Croissant$2.75

Donut Nutmeg/Glazed$1.00

Donuts Maple Bacon$2.50


Triple Chocolate Delight - $2.50
Sugar /Decorated - $2.25/$2.50
Oatmeal Raisin - $2.25

Gluten Free Sweet Breads$4.25


Cinnamon Raisin


Ask which soup is available today!

Golden Broccoli Cheese

$4.00 | $5.00

Chicken Noodle

$4.00 | $5.00

Tomato Bisque

$5.00 | $6.00

Crab & Corn Chowder

$5.75 | $6.95

Mushroom Brie & Madeira

$5.75 | $6.95

Beer Cheddar

$5.75 | $6.95

Loaded Baked Potato

$5.75 | $6.95

Baja Chicken Enchilada

$5.75 | $6.95


Pasta Salad$1.75

Pulse Melange$1.95

Dirty Chips$1.75

Veggies & Dip$1.75

Lay's Baked Potato Chips$1.25

Lighter Fare

Balsamic Vinaigrette | Honey Mustard | Ranch | Italian

Chicken Salad Plate with Croissant$8.50

Smoked chicken salad on a bed of artisan romaine lettuce with tomato medley.

Veggie Salad Plate with Croissant$8.50

Vegetables on a bed of artisan romaine lettuce with tomato medley.

Garden Salad$4.50

Tomatoes, celery, carrots, & pulse melange
With protein - $0.50

Veggies and Dip$1.75

Carrots, celery sticks, & dressing for dipping.

Pulse Melange$1.95


Half $6.00 | Full $8.95
Available on White, Tomato, or Wheat Tortilla

Chicken Salad Wrap

Savory Smoked chicken salad with artisan romaine lettuce.

Turkey Wrap

Natural roasted turkey, provolone cheese, Artisan lettuce.

Veggie Wrap

Pulse Melange is a gluten-free blend of tan & green garbanzo beans. Red lentils, vegetables seasoned with garlic, olive oil basil, & wine vinegar.

BLT Wrap

Thick applewood smoked bacon, romaine lettuce & tomato medley.

Smokehouse Beef Wrap

All natural roast beef, bacon, romaine lettuce & tomato horseradish sauce

Cubano Wrap

Ham, bacon, cheese, spicy mustard

2 for $10.00 Half Wrap and Cup of Soup$10.00

Side of pickle, pasta, or veggies.

Kid's Corner

Hot Dog Sliders (2)$4.00

with Potato Chips

Hot Dog Slider$1.50


Gourmet Carrot Cake$8.75

Two Layers Loaded with Shredded Carrots, Pecans, Crushed Pineapple. Filled with Cream Cheese Frosting & Garnished with Chopped Pecans.

Ultimate Chocolate Cake$8.75

Velvety Mousse In-between Layers of Chocolate Decadence & Chocolate Butter Cake on a Chocolate Cookie Crust.

R Daily Brews

Corner Bistro | French Roast | Decaf

Small $1.65
Large $2.25

Iced Coffee$3.50

Cold Brew

Cold Brew Toddy$4.00

R Nitro Cold Brew$5.00


Blended Drinks$5.00

R Brewed Chai Tea$4.50


Hot Tea$2.75

Hot Chocolate$3.00

Double Chocolate/Salted Caramel

Smoothies (All Natural)$5.00

Strawberry Banana, Tropical Harmony

Fiji Water$1.95


Wildberry, Peach, Mango

Espresso Drinks

Available Flavors
Caramel | Cinnamon | French Vanilla | Hazelnut | Irish Creme | Peppermint | Raspberry | Strawberry | Salted Caramel | Almond | Banana | English Toffee | Amaretto | Butter Rum

Available Sauces
Ghiradelli Chocolate | White | Caramel | Sea Salt Caramel

Sugar Free
French Vanilla | Hazelnut | Chocolate | Caramel


Single $1.65
Double $2.20


$3.75 | $4.25


$4.00 | $4.50


$4.00 | $4.50

Caramel Macchiato

$4.00 | $4.50


$2.25 | $3.00


Extra Shot Espresso $0.55
Almond/Soy Milk $1.00
Red Eye $3.30

R Specialties

Harbor Light Lucious Latte$5.00

Espresso, banana syrup, chocolate sauce, caramel, steamed milk, and whipped cream.

Waves of White Nitro$5.00

Cold brew coffee, fresh brewed in-house, infused with nitrogen. Poured over cream and flavored with french vanilla.

Firelands Frappe$5.00

Cold brew with cinnamon, infused with white mocha.

Bay Bubbles$5.00

Green tea shaken with pineapple and coconut over bursting lychee bubbles.

Bubble Tea

R Fruit Teas

Remarkable Peach$5.00

Peach green tea/strawberry bubbles.

Radiant Pineapple$5.00

Pineapple & coconut green tea/ lychee bubbles.

Really Raspberry$5.00

Raspberry green tea/ pomegranate bubbles.

Refreshing Berry Apple$5.00

Blueberry green tea/ green apple bubbles.

Rockin Strawberry$5.00

Strawberry green tea/ mango bubbles.

Romantic Passion$5.00

Passion fruit black tea/ lychee bubbles.

Fruit Flavors

Mango | Strawberry | Pineapple | Peach | Lychee | Raspberry | Blueberry | Coconut | Passion Fruit | Honeydew

Bubble Flavors

Strawberry | Mango | Green Apple | Lychee | Blueberry | Pomegranate

R Milk Teas

Almond Milk Substitute - $1.00
Soy Milk Substitute - $1.00

Restful Mint Chocolate$5.00

Black tea, peppermint, Ghirardelli dark chocolate sauce

Ripe Strawberry$5.00

Black tea, sweet strawberry, honey & tapioca bubbles.

Rich Milk Chocolate$5.00

Black tea, double chocolate & tapioca bubbles.

Real Purple Taro$5.00

Black tea, taro, & tapioca bubbles.

Rapturous Caramel$5.00

Black tea, rich Ghirardelli caramel sauce & tapioca bubbles.

Milk Tea Flavors

Almond | Taro | Milk Tea | Matcha Green | Coconut | Honeydew | Lychee

R Spirited Beverages

R Spirited Coffees


Irish Coffee

R Corner Bistro Coffee, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Sweetened with Raw Sugar

Kioki Coffee

R French Roast Coffee, a kick of brandy and Kahlua

Baileys Irish Cream Coffee

R Corner Bistro Coffee, Bailey's Irish Cream

Frangelico Coffee

R Corner Bistro Coffee, Hazelnut Liqueur

Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee

R Corner Bistro Coffee, Chocolate and Hazelnut Liqueurs

Amaretto Coffee

R Corner Bistro Coffee, Amaretto Liqueur

Venetian Coffee

R French Roast Coffee, Amaretto Liqueur, Sambuca

Café Royale

R Corner Bistro Coffee, Brandy, Raw sugar

Spirited Hot Chocolate

You can substitute hot chocolate for any coffee. All coffees can be iced.


Amaretto | Kahlua | Peppermint Schnapps | Brandy | Frangelico | Creme de Cacao | Grand Marnier | Bailey's Irish Cream | Sambuca | salted Caramel Kahlua | Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur | Godiva Dark Chocolate Liqueur

R Martinis


Kahlua Espresso Martini

Espresso, Vodka, Kahlua

Creamy Espresso Martini

Vodka, Espresso, Bailey's Irish Cream, Kahlua, Cream


Vodka, Irish Cream, Chocolate Liqueur, Caramel Sauce, Amaretto

Salted Caramel Chocolate Martini

Espresso, Vodka, Ghirardellli Sea Salt Caramel Sauce, Godiva Chocolate Liqueur

White Mocha Martini

Espresso, Vodka, Godiva White Chocolate, Kahlua

Baileys Chocolatini

Vodka, Baileys Irish Cream, Godiva Chocolate Liqueur Cream

Classic Martini$11.50

Gin or Vodka, Vermouth, Olives

Spirited Frappes$8.00

Spirited Smoothies$8.00